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Photography is a new hobby of mine. That's right, a hobby. I have a full time job as a 

Worship Pastor at a Church in Roswell, NM. I got into photography because I wanted to 

have pictures taken of my girls when they were first born but my wife and I couldn't aff-

ord it. So I decided to just purchase an "ok" camera and try to take them on my own.

Turns out I really enjoyed it and have slowley been getting better. I then decided to

offer my services as a blessing to friends and family, and slowley others began to ask 

me to take photos for them. I still charge close to nothing for 2 reasons. One we want to 

bless people who can't spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on pictures. Not that that

other photographers are charging too much. They have to make a living as well but I

know families that just can't come up with that kind of money.And second I am still in

the very early stages of learning all there is to learn about photography. I hope you con-

sider using JAMPHOTOGRAPHY for your next event.


                                                                                             -Jorge Muñiz



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